About Us

albert L. (punkt) was founded in 2006 and started in 2007 selling the first edition of the bamboo product line that we manufacture in Vietnam. The idea evolved through a German-Vietnamese friendship between Nguyen Thi Than Mai and Sandra Schroeder.

Photo of various stages of our bowls, from raw bamboo to finished bowl, near a pond where the bamboo is soaked.

The albert L. (punkt) products are all traditionally handcrafted. We are striving to support the conventional social structures. Hanoi’s craft villages hold cultural values that are built up and cemented after generations of craftsmen here. At these villages, there are so many skillful craftsmen that the entire village becomes a large manufacturing center, like bamboo, ceramic, rattan etc.

In order to guarantee high quality standards, all our products are checked and controlled by our quality team in our warehouse in Hanoi and once more in our warehouse here in the US before it is sent for an order.